Company Profile

Lalibela Poultry Farm is established in 2010 as a small scale poultry farm with 4 employees and 250 chickens and with an initial capital of 25,000. We have been providing egg to our customers in Lalibela. Now we are intending to reach total number of chickens to 1000 with modern incubator. We deliver our product to the major hotels and restaurants found in Lalibela. We produce around 400 eggs per day.

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Owner Profile

The owner of the project is Ato Kelemu Gelaw  who graduated from the Haramaya university in the faculty of Agriculture in the department of Animal Science in B.Sc. Degree . After he graduated he   didn’t got any job opportunity in the field of study. The owner of this enterprise has great interest to participate in poultry farm .  He planned to create his own business with the support of someone he realized his intended objective by developing this poultry farm .  The owner has full of experience , knowledge and skill for carrying out modern poultry farm .

Short Plan

  • To start sales of Concentrated Feed to our customers alongside with the chicken sales.
  • To increase number of chickens from 400 to 1000.
  • To increase egg sales 900 per day
  • To increase Day old chicken to 400 per two months
  • To increase sales of poultry production material by 5%
  • To Veterinary service for the farm and to other customers

Long Term

In the long term Lalibela Poultry Farm is planning to expand the already existing services and to start new products.

Expansion plan

  • To increase number of incubators to 3
  • Building new Slaughtering house
  • To buy concentrated feed mill and mixer
  • To cover 10% of the chicken and egg market in Lasta Lalibela and it;s surrounding
  • Research and Development center
  • To open sales outlets in different locations in Lasta Lalibela and it’s surrounding areas

New product package

  • Chicken meat sales - Live and Slaughtered
  • Poultry products Sales Shop
  • To open a new branch company that gives Fattening service of Beef Cattle